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Influenza Vaccination - October 2017

There have been reports that some GP computer systems are giving a high severity alert about stopping antivirals for 2 weeks after immunisation and not to be immunised until 48 hours after stopping the antivirals.

The HIV Pharmacy Association of the UK would like to advise that there is no interaction between the influenza vaccine and antiretrovirals used to treat or prevent HIV infection and recommend that it is safe to give patients on antiretroviral therapy the influenza vaccine without compromising either the vaccine or the patient’s HIV treatment.

We believe the interaction alert some GP systems are showing is with respect to neuraminidase inhibitors used to treat influenza infection and does not apply to antiretroviral agents used to treat HIV.  We have reviewed the Summary of Product Characteristics for both Sanofi Quadrivalent and Fluvarix Tetra and confirm that there is no contra-indication to treatment in patients taking antiretroviral agents.

In summary, HIV patients should :

1: Have a flu vaccine

2: NOT STOP their antiretrovirals unless advised by the HIV


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